About us

The Web Editorial Board comes from the collaboration among representatives of scientific research, administration and communication areas of National Laboratory of Frascati (LNF).
Our team works on the development and update of the LNF web portal as the main interface between the Institution and its public.
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  • to inform the public about LNF research activities and its organization
  • to give increased visibility to the ongoing experimental activities
  • to inform about Technology Transfer activities, contributing to the creation of partnerships with companies
  • to provide an up-to-date overview of the European calls to obtain funds
  • to promote events aiming to the dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, designed for both schools and general public


  • research, elaboration and proposal of new contents for the LNF web portal (news, dissemination articles, scientific contents, internal communications, etc…), in Italian and English
  • regular revision and update of all the contents
  • raise of the profile and attractiveness of the website through our official social media accounts
  • strengthening of the LNF visual identity for web providing guidelines for the use of the institutional logo and graphical tools, such as templates for webpages, presentations and institutional documents
  • management of the web portal and social media accounts

How we work

  • monthly meeting (also via videoconference)
  • minutes of the meetings to record proposals, suggestions, strategic decisions, etc…
  • To-Do List for the upcoming month
  • collection and analysis of the proposals for new contents sent through an on-line form open to all LNF staff
  • editing and publication on the web portal
  • monitoring of user-visit on the website by appropriate analytics tools